Patient Capture & Retention

A beautiful image of a hospital atrium with geometric shadows on the ground. This is an example of Novel Koncept's photography capabilities for hospitals.
This is a modern and stylish hospital atrium that is very welcoming to patients. This is an example of Novel Koncept's photography capabilities for hospitals.

We harmonize technology and marketing to win patient trust, fostering commitment and resilience against competitor attempts.

Strategic Communication & Marketing

We understand the powerful interplay of technology and targeted marketing in shaping the narrative and perception of your hospital. We blend these elements strategically to create compelling stories that resonate with your target patient demographic. We work closely with your team to ensure that every communication aligns with your hospital's value proposition and the needs and expectations of your patients. Our strategies aim to spark genuine connections, build trust, and foster long-term commitment to your hospital's services and digital interfaces.

Building Patient Trust & Commitment

At the heart of patient commitment lies trust. We place a significant focus on forging and nurturing trusting relationships between your hospital and your patients. Our strategies leverage your digital front door, technological innovations, and high-quality care to build and sustain this trust. By creating a patient experience that is transparent, convenient, and positive, we help foster a sense of loyalty and commitment among your patients.

Ensuring Patient Retention

In a competitive healthcare landscape, patient retention is paramount. We leverage the power of technology, strategic communication, and top-notch patient experience to harden your patients against competitor overtures. By highlighting and emphasizing the high-quality, convenient healthcare services that your hospital provides, we help cement patient loyalty and trust. This ultimately translates into higher patient retention rates and ensures that your hospital is the healthcare provider of choice for your patients.