Patient Digital Front Door Design

A beautiful image of a hospital atrium with geometric shadows on the ground. This is an example of Novel Koncept's photography capabilities for hospitals.
This is a modern and stylish hospital atrium that is very welcoming to patients. This is an example of Novel Koncept's photography capabilities for hospitals.

Carefully crafted, patient-friendly digital front doors, turning technology gaps into opportunities with EHR-integrated solutions.

Strategic Analysis & Planning

We firmly believe in immersing ourselves in understanding your hospital's aspirations and current digital footprint. Our team of seasoned professionals carries out a meticulous strategic analysis, surveying the breadth and depth of your present healthcare technology infrastructure. We gauge your existing progress towards your long-term vision and identify potential challenges or roadblocks that may hinder progress. This comprehensive understanding forms the backbone of our action plan, a bespoke roadmap tailored specifically to meet your unique needs and objectives. Our approach prioritizes robustness, innovation, and adaptability, ensuring your digital front door strategy is future-proof and capable of responding to the ever-evolving digital healthcare landscape.

Technology Gap Analysis

The strength of your digital front door hinges on the quality of your technology infrastructure. Our team conducts an exhaustive technology gap analysis, diving deep into your existing systems, software, and patient interaction touchpoints. This process allows us to pinpoint areas of inefficiency and identify opportunities for process improvement and operational streamlining. We critically evaluate every facet of your digital patient journey, highlighting underutilized assets and potential areas for improvement. Our findings form the basis of our strategic recommendations, designed to enhance patient engagement, encourage patient loyalty, and maximize the potential of your digital front door.

Digital Solution Recommendations

We combine years of industry experience, strategic thinking, and technical acumen to provide high-impact digital solution recommendations. Our team draws from a rich knowledge base of state-of-the-art EHR-integrated solutions to recommend innovative and effective tools and strategies that align with your digital front door goals. We advocate for solutions that not only fill the identified gaps but also position your hospital at the forefront of the digital healthcare revolution. By ensuring your digital front door is powerful, convenient, and interactive, we enable you to better serve your patients and meet their evolving needs and expectations.