UI Kit


You can build your new website from scratch using prebuilt sections containing interactive designs and customized components.


About Our nOVEL Approach

We provide beautiful turn-key websites for hospitals that align the quality of your digital presence with the quality of care that you provide to your community.
Then, we work with you to give you as much control as you want using Novel Koncept's ready-made pages30+ & pre-built sections60+

Explore UI Kit Contents

We've done all the heavy lifting to give you the "building-block" components to simply mix & match as you like to create a digital experience for your patients that's second to none.

Modern design

Enjoy a clean & modern design toolkit that exudes elegance and leaves a lasting impression on patients.

30+ Pre-Built web pages

Pre-built static and CMS Collection pages pages for all common hospital applications.

100+ UI Kit components

Enjoy over 100 pre-built fully customizable components that act as drag & drop building blocks.

30+ Global Elements

More than 30 global elements that are ready to use with override setup instances.

Unique animations

Uniquely developed interactions & animations only for the Karuso template.

CMS ready to use

CMS collections and pages are set up and connected. You can only just copy/paste/delete content.

Responsive design

Fully responsive design on all devices using VW, em, and rem units allows us to make quick responsive adjustments and a perfect layout on the large, medium, small desktop, and mobile devices.

Fullscreen menu

Custom animated fullscreen aside menu in all responsive breakpoints.

Tabs & Filters

Enable your users to easily navigate and filter content without cluttering up your page.

3D images

Set up 3D transforms for images and texts.

A Stream of Fresh Designs

Oh, we're not just giving you the toolkit and saying goodbye. Rather, we provide a constant stream of new tools and components to keep you well equipped.

Exclusively for Hospitals

We've completely built this out to serve the unique needs of hospitals.