An Introduction To Tomorrow Today: Navigating the Changing Landscape of Healthcare

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The New Rules of Engagement: Competing in the Age of Mobile Healthcare

Part 1

Say goodbye to healthcare defined by distance! Hospitals, once regional monopolies, face an upheaval as mobile healthcare and rising consumer demands disrupt the status quo. This blog series decodes these transformative trends, preparing hospitals to navigate the competitive landscape. Insights on mindset shifts, tech investments, and communication strategies await. Stay tuned to future-proof your healthcare operations.

Cody Strate
An Introduction To Tomorrow Today: Navigating the Changing Landscape of Healthcare

Cody Strate


With 20+ years of experience, Cody Strate is a go-to expert for hospitals looking to improve their digital presence and patient experience.

July 6, 2023

Article Published


Hello and welcome. I recently returned from the MUSE Inspire Conference in Denver, where I had the privilege of speaking to an audience of MEDITECH users. My presentation, titled "The New Rules of Engagement: Competing in the Age of Mobile Healthcare," (you can view the presentation I built in HERE) addressed the realities that shape today's healthcare industry, a field that has long functioned like a series of regional monopolies where patient choice is largely defined by proximity.

The landscape, however, is undergoing a seismic shift. A convergence of trends threatens the existing model, eroding the geographical barriers that have kept larger metropolitan hospitals at bay. The protective isolation enjoyed by suburban, community, and rural hospitals is dissolving, giving patients more choices and pitting smaller healthcare providers against well-resourced metropolitan counterparts.

The response to my presentation at the conference was overwhelmingly positive, leading me to create this blog series to share these insights more widely. Consider this an early warning system for all hospitals: change is here, and the landscape is evolving rapidly.

This series is not meant to instill fear, but rather to incite action. As much as it shines a light on the imminent threats, it's also a playbook for success in this new environment. We'll explore strategic IT investments that can improve patient convenience and care quality, and most importantly, we'll delve into effective communication strategies. After all, even the most technologically advanced, patient-focused system will falter if its value isn't communicated effectively to the community it serves.

So, if you're a decision-maker in a hospital, this series is a clarion call to action. The era of relying solely on geographic monopoly is closing; the future belongs to those who can adapt, engage, and excel in an increasingly choice-driven market. Together, let's explore the new rules of healthcare engagement and make tomorrow's healthcare a reality today.

Who this Blog Series is Made For

In this journey towards adapting to and thriving in the changing landscape of healthcare, it's crucial that we define our audience - the stakeholders in this transformation. This series is not just for those at the helm, but also for anyone playing a vital role in shaping the strategies, investments, and actions of their hospital.

The Whole C-Suite: This series is indispensable for the entire C-Suite of hospitals. CEOs, CIOs, CMOs, CFOs - everyone at the top must be privy to the big picture. This insight will enable cohesive strategies across departments, aligning them towards achieving organizational goals. It will also provide a solid answer to the all-important question: "Why are we doing this?"

Information Technology Leaders: As digital transformation takes center stage in healthcare, IT leaders are at the forefront of this shift. However, it's not just about investing in new technology; it's about understanding the broader implications of these investments and the goals they should aim to fulfill. It's about realizing that a successful tech play is not a case of "if you build it, they will come," but a concerted effort involving every aspect of the hospital.

Patient Experience Leadership: Leaders responsible for patient experience should be all over this series. At the heart of this transformation is the patient, now also a discerning consumer. Understanding their wants, needs, and emotions is crucial. As we navigate through this series, we'll explore strategies to build trust, compel action, and gain commitment from patients - vital steps in improving patient experience.

Marketing and Communications Leadership: Finally, the trumpeters of the new era - marketing and communications leaders. It is your duty to echo these changes and strategies out to the communities you serve. To do so effectively, you must understand what your hospital is doing, why it's doing it, and how to communicate it in a way that resonates both logically and emotionally.

This series is a compass, guiding all key stakeholders through the shifting terrain of healthcare. So whether you're steering the ship or manning the oars, these posts will provide you with the insights and strategies needed to navigate your hospital successfully into the future of healthcare.

Glimpse into the Future: What’s Coming in the Series

In this enlightening series, we will delve deep into eight key areas that have the potential to reshape the healthcare industry as we know it. Our journey will include the following stops:

  1. History Repeating: What Hospitals Can Learn from Ancient Egypt's Longevity and Fall - Here, we draw parallels between the historical success and downfall of Ancient Egypt due to geographic protection and technological advances, and how this correlates to the operations of modern hospitals.
  2. Unearthing the Catalysts: The Forces Driving Healthcare Change - Here, we will identify and discuss the major factors that are leading the shift in healthcare services and operations.
  3. David vs. Goliath: Size Matters in Resource Gap Between Large & Small Hospitals - We'll explore the disparities between large and small hospitals and the implications of these differences.
  4. Comparative Analysis: Threats and Opportunities for Small and Large Hospitals - This section will examine the unique challenges and opportunities faced by hospitals of different sizes.
  5. The Strategic Technology Investments Your Hospital Must Make - We will outline the necessary technological investments hospitals need to make to stay competitive in the evolving landscape.
  6. Imperial Conquest: Strategy and Playbook for Large Hospitals - Here, we'll provide a comprehensive strategy for large hospitals to thrive in the age of mobile healthcare.
  7. You Put the “Care” in Healthcare: Marketing Strategy for Suburban, Community, Rural, and Critical Access Hospitals - This section will focus on marketing strategies that enable smaller hospitals to highlight their unique strengths and connect with their communities effectively.
  8. Cultivating Patient Commitment & Loyalty: The Key to Winning in Tomorrow’s Healthcare - In our final installment, we'll discuss how to foster patient loyalty and commitment, critical elements for success in the healthcare industry of tomorrow.

Each installment of this series is designed to offer unique insights and actionable strategies to help healthcare leaders navigate the rapidly changing landscape of hospital care.


As we embark on this journey through our blog series, "The New Rules of Engagement: Competing in the Age of Mobile Healthcare," our primary goal is to arm you with knowledge and strategies to navigate the shifting currents of the healthcare landscape.

The series will dissect the transformational trends that are reshaping how hospitals operate, delve into the widening resource gap between small and large hospitals, outline necessary strategic technology investments, and provide distinct marketing playbooks for hospitals of all sizes. We aim to guide you on how to cultivate a committed and loyal patient base, a cornerstone of success in the evolving healthcare market.

The winds of change in healthcare are upon us, fueled by technological advancements, shifting patient expectations, and changes in the operational playbook that has guided hospitals for over a century. Yet, within these winds of change lie not just challenges, but vast opportunities for those willing to adapt and innovate.

At Novel Koncept, we strive to be a key part of this transformation, an instrument of positive change. We firmly believe that a rising tide lifts all boats and, in contributing to this rising tide, we hope to elevate the entire healthcare ecosystem. Our goal is to drive forward a more inclusive, innovative, and efficient future in healthcare, where smaller hospitals are not only surviving but also thriving alongside their larger counterparts.

We hope you'll join us on this journey, whether you're a C-suite executive, an IT leader, a patient experience advocate, or a marketing communication strategist. The insights and strategies shared in this series could very well be the catalyst your organization needs to thrive in the dynamic healthcare landscape of the future.

For those ready to take the next step in improving your brand's digital presence or seeking bespoke strategies tailored to your hospital's specific needs, we invite you to reach out to Novel Koncept and Contact Us today. We're here to help translate these insights into tangible actions that align with your unique goals. Together, let's embrace the future of healthcare. So, stay tuned, and let's embark on this journey together.

Cody Strate


With 20+ years of experience, Cody Strate is a go-to expert for hospitals looking to improve their digital presence and patient experience.

Cody Strate

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