Cody Strate

With 20+ years of experience, Cody Strate is a go-to expert for hospitals looking to improve their digital presence and patient experience.

Cody Strate


Cody Strate




2002 - today


Boulder CO


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Marketing Strategy

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Cody Strate is a seasoned healthcare professional with over 20 years of experience improving patient experience and implementing paperless initiatives at hospitals around the globe. Growing up in a small community himself, Cody has a passion for helping community hospitals provide the best possible care to their patients. As a three year member of the Forbes Communications Council and a recipient of numerous marketing awards, Cody is a trusted and respected name in the field. In his various roles as VP of Strategy and Innovation and Chief Marketing Officer, he has worked with hundreds of hospitals on marketing efforts and collaborated with industry leaders such as Cerner, MEDITECH, Athenahealth, and Allscripts on various initiatives. Let Cody bring his expertise and proven track record to your hospital's marketing efforts.