We harness the power of photography and videography to tell the compelling story found in your hospital.

Photography Services

Our photography services ensure that your hospital puts their best foot forward. At Novel Koncept we are intentional in leveraging photography to present your organization and people in a beautiful and natural way that's inviting to your patients. It's all about telling a story that's unique to your hospital while engaging your patients on an emotional level.

Our photography services include:

  • Headshots of doctors and staff
  • Action shots of doctors and staff in action
  • Candid shots of patients and families
  • Exterior shots of the hospital and grounds
  • Interior shots of the hospital

Videography Services

Novel Koncept's videography services are top-notch and perfect for hospital marketing. We understand that video is one of the most powerful tools available to connect with patients on an emotional level. That's why we create videos that tell the unique story of your hospital while engaging your patients on a personal level.

Our videography services include:

  • Doctor and staff testimonials
  • Patient testimonials
  • Hospital overview videos
  • Department videos

Quality Equipment

Quality equipment yields quality results, and we do not skimp here. We invest in top-shelf camera and video equipment from Black Magic, Sony, Sennheiser, etc to ensure nothing gets in the way of telling your hospital's story in the most beautiful and engaging way possible.