We take you from a reactive to a proactive stance that enables you to better serve your community by offering the right services to the right patients.

Our Marketing Strategy | It's About Being Proactive vs. Reactive

Too often hospitals wait until a patient crosses the threshold of one of their facilities before they start communicating with them. This is a reactive approach that does not serve the health of the patient, nor does it serve to improve the bottom line of the hospital. At Novel Koncept we help hospitals change their reactive stance to a proactive stance that results in improved patient health and increased hospital revenue. Our marketing strategy services connect with patients and let them know that the hospital is looking out for their well-being, connects the patient to services, increases patients satisfaction, and increases revenue.

One-Size Does NOT Fit All | Personas & Workflows

Your hospital services a broad community built upon a wide variety of people from all walks of life. We acknowledge and celebrate these differences, and we build a foundation that enables you to provide individualized messaging that's much more likely to resonate with your initialized target audience.  When we connect the right services that matter to the right audience the effectiveness of your marketing campaigns will increase, and so will your return on investment.